Did some shopping...

.. this weekend, tought I'd show you what! :D

A new store called Village had opened in town, and the decorative autumn-leaves to the left was bought there. You also got a bag, their catalogue and big matches :D

The candle-holders/lanters with a very autumn-feeling to them was also bought at Village.
I also bought the small leaf to have my rings in, I have a big leaf for necklaces and bracelets, so a small was nice :D

Bought more yarn so I can finish my scarf I started knitting last winter :)

I got a nice "coat/jacket" from my mum and bought new leggings with a nice color to them :3

A better picture of the "jacket/coat"-thingy. Some picture of me with it on will prob. come later :3
It looks so good and it's so cosy and warm!

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A Piece of Me


This is what I looked like today after a few cups of coffé and a shower and stuff, just before I went of for a job-interview - thumbs crossed! It felt very good :D

Got an appointment at a hairdresser tomorrow, shall I just trim the peaks or do something else? Prob. not since I'm saving length but..
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A picture Evelina took of me, using my camera, during the festival


Went up at eight this morning, and went out for a run. The rain was pouring down but it felt quite nice. I did not runt for long though, cause I was soon soaking wet and also I am not in the best shape haha - but I'll make sure to change that!


Then I took a warm shower, and after that helped my mother with the laundry. Now I'm having coffé and continuing with the backup of my computer.

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Yesterday my breakfast contained wholegrain bread with ham, cheese, tomatoes and avocado + roseroot, a pill made from a herb that makes you a bit more alive, or alert :3 and also a bottle of water. I've been drinking a lot of water lately, it's very underestimated! It was just me, and so quiet and calm.. I sat there, ate, flipped some pages in a magazine and just enjoyed being alone.

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Reconnoitering and frogs!

Today I went out for a walk, mostly just to get out and to get some exercise, but I brought my camera with me just in case - and wasn't that good, since I ran into a cute frog :3

Other than that, I just walked around content :D Also did some reconnoitering for a upcoming photoshoot that will take place in a nearby area. I checked the surroundings and planned some places and poses for the model. This will prob. take place in 1-2 weeks and I'm very excited! But I gotta hunt for a MUA now..

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The forest and some greenery

Me and my bf's mum went for a ride with the bikes to a nearby forest, she wanted to pick some wood-anemones. It was so nice to get out in the open and to get a little exercise :) it was also incredibly beautiful and serene there and I plan to go there with my book and sit and read, maybe tomorrow, and also bring someone there for a photoshoot since I found some nice places :3




We found these very lovely feathers but have no idea what kind of wild bird they would belong too :S


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A morning outside

I got up early a few days ago and helped my boyfriends family in the garden. I also played with his little sister and ran around photographing. Here are some pics from that beautiful day :)

Zesam and Knuttan


Zesam again

We found a nice hen + a basket so me and my bf's mum made a nest :3

Cat hunting?

Tindra is so cute :)

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Yesterday my honey woke up around 06.30 in the morning, and so did I. So we got crazy and went out walking for a little more than an hour. It was really refreshing and nice! After that we bought fresh bread and had a nice breakfast :3





this is a scary ghosthouse in the woods


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This Weekend

Saturday I spent the day shopping with my mum. I bought a photomagazine, some skinproducts a friend told me was good [I'll write about it later!] and so on.


After that I went home, cleaned my room and had some coffé. Since it was saturday though, I soon exchanged the coffé for some red wine. Then me and my mum went to Bishop Arms for some food and beer. It was really nice :)

After that I joined my boyfriend and his friends and we went out dancing.

Sunday was spent being hungover.. haha
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Signs of spring

Me and my honey just made waffles and it was delicious!

I sat on the porch today [wearing just a tank top!] and read plus drank coffé with skimmed milk and chocolate <3

The book Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami has now come to an end and I shall start reading another book by him that I bought yesterday, it's called Kafka on the Shore. Everyone says it's really god and got the tip to read it two years ago, so it's about time I read it!

I do by the way, think that spring reallt is upon us now, here are the signs of spring that I've picked up so far:

  • I had to remove my jacket yesterday as I walked home,it was too hot!
  • Almost all snow is gone.
  • The sun stays up much longer, it's almost 18.00 before it sets.
  • There's alot of birds flying around and you can hear their twittering everywhere :)
  • The insects are waking up - I got a fly in my coffé today!
  • As I sat outside, I saw the first butterfly of the year! :D

Do you have any other signs of spring? If so, which ones?
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Sneak Peak - Eximia Navigatio

People have been curious about my pictures of the members of Eximia Navigatio - the Steampunk organisation, and I can't wait to show 'em off!, but it's a lot to edit and I am not done yet. I want to do this properly and accurate.

Also, after editing like half of the pictures I realized that"ooh, I can do like this with the pics!" and then I had to redo that on the ones I've already edited ^^". Ah well, what I do mostly is correcting colours, light/shadows and adjust the sharpness a little, I also did some vignetting in camera raw. So basically I'm not doing any major, radical editing but it's bothersome to do the same thing over and over again on all pictures
[and it is a few..] but now there's not much left! :D

So for now you'll have to do with these miniatures hehe :3 I'm pretty stiff. I've been raiding in WoW all night so now I'm gonna do a few instances [woop nerd-talk!], then I might read some in my book and sleep after that.

Good night and take care! [do I even have any english followers?!]
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Worlds most awsome watch

and I own it! Does not bother me at all that it does not work, it's not supposed to - just for decoration. [I don't have to stand annoying tick-tock sounds!]

It's so gallant and.. so me! :D

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"My Side of the Story"

Once again a dear friend of mine has written a text to one of my pictures :D <3

Dancing over filth and dust

The sun is burning like my heart
Just like love and lust

Like riding in a shopping cart

No man can see tears in the falling rain

We can't let these times go to waste

Like sand in an hourglass, grain by grain

Lets live and feel its taste

The salt, bitter and sweet

Let me help you fall

Sweep you of them feet

When life is taking its toll

Text: David Alesö (c)

Photo: Rania Rönntoft
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Spring really is arriving

The sun was shining again today, and I just wanted to get out. Longed for summer! So I dared the cold, took my book and went outside and sat on Lucas and his family's porch. It's glass encrusted though and the sun was shining right on it so it became quite warm actually :D It was wonderful. Fideli the cat joined me for a while as well, se was lying in a box and enjoying the sun too :3 All in all quite a nice saturday!



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The sune was shining today and I smelled spring in the air - I sure hope it arrives soon!

Nikon D80 + Sigma 24mm f/2.8

Me and the cats were out on the porch at Lucas place and enjoyed the sun and the fresh air. Then I went grocery-shopping with his mum and grandma. So nice to be out and do stuff! I've not been much in front of the computer at all today :) I've photograph some pink to, slowly I'm getting somewhere, even though I loathe the color :P Today is a good day - a good friday.

What have everyone else been up to today?

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