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Signs of spring

Me and my honey just made waffles and it was delicious!

I sat on the porch today [wearing just a tank top!] and read plus drank coffé with skimmed milk and chocolate <3

The book Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami has now come to an end and I shall start reading another book by him that I bought yesterday, it's called Kafka on the Shore. Everyone says it's really god and got the tip to read it two years ago, so it's about time I read it!

I do by the way, think that spring reallt is upon us now, here are the signs of spring that I've picked up so far:

  • I had to remove my jacket yesterday as I walked home,it was too hot!
  • Almost all snow is gone.
  • The sun stays up much longer, it's almost 18.00 before it sets.
  • There's alot of birds flying around and you can hear their twittering everywhere :)
  • The insects are waking up - I got a fly in my coffé today!
  • As I sat outside, I saw the first butterfly of the year! :D

Do you have any other signs of spring? If so, which ones?
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