A dress in the middle of winter? Sure!

This is what I looked like today, + a jacked and scarf of course!
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More Checkeres

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Oh yes, I love checkeres, and shirts, and cosy checkered shirts!

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Deer and Knitted

I love my deer-ring :3

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Countryside Girl


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Yesterday's outfit


Been hunting this knitted sweater like a maniac - now it's finually mine and I love it. I long for the fall to come now, with all the varm colors of the leaves, getting dark early so one can have lots of lit candles, make a cup of hot chocolate and just.. get cosy! To wear all these lovely, knitted clothes, big comfy shoes.. oh, autumn I am ready :D

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Dress of the Secret Garden

sigma 24mm f/2.8

Wanted to take some new pictures of me and my new dress. And I did a while back, but I wasn't satisfied so haven't showed them...


My remote was giving me a hard time cause it's battery was running out [fixed that now], but then.. clumsy me. I had really high iso and I just thought the pictures got bright due to the seen, was stupid enough not to check that - so the pictures turned pretty grainy. Was going to re-take the pictures but then the rain came..


But hey, this is at least a new dress that I have and really like :3 hah

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Outfit of the Day

Sigma 24mm f/2.8 + tripod and remote

Felt it was time for a new selfportrait, since I'm chaning my looks a lot. Made it very simple today though.


Slowly finding and coming towards the style I want, and how I want to look. Down to earth and bohemian, sort of.. chill. My new sweater fits this perfectly, I love it <3 Then I want some steampunk-influenses as well, so my old camerabag I won at an auction is a step in the right direction for this. Then most steampunk will prob. be seen in my jewelry and details, but they can't be seen on this pic [especially not my earrings] Also, my hair's gettin' long and wild - hah!

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I want summer!

I will use this tanktop alot this summer. It's comfy, big and .. comfy :D haha! And also, my tattoo shows in it which is nice :3 I have a black one as well :) Now all I need are some nice jeans-shorts..

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Eximia Navigatio

It means "extraordinary ocean travel" and it is the name of a Steampunk organisation in Gothenburg. Today I wen there to shoot them. I love steampunk and they were a nice bunch of people with awsome outfits so it was great fun and now I am so exited about the result!

I tried to dress myself to fit in the best I could with what I have.

entire outfit

some details on the jacket [which I love]


So my saturday has been very fun and exciting [although I was a bit lost at first], hope yours has been too!

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Clothes clothes clothes...

Went shopping as well as grabbed a coffé with my mum last sunday, I don't have much money but bought some new clothes. Will prob. by more when I get payed for the last photo-job I had. I bought this sweater on Carlings, also bout a tank-top that will be very nice this summer. It show my tatto on the back ;D

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Stylechameleon does it again

Been wearing baggy jeans, big t-shirts and a colorful hoodie the past week. Sort of a skate/street-style. I borred the cute tee from Lucas, it matched my new hoodie :3 Anywho, it's both cosy and good looking!

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Chameleon amongst clothes?

I belive I am one of those. Don't take it the wrong way though, I do not mean in the shallow "I dress like this to fit it/because this is modern no matter what I think of the clothes"-way. I mean that.. some days I want to dress in a very female way -  and I feel really good about it.

But I miss my more extreme, "alternative" style. To pop out from the crow, that people look at me. Attention whore? Why yes sir;) haha. Nah but I don't just mean a bunch of black. There is a way to be alternative in a fancy way, and I miss it. Of course there's pros and cons of everything. Grown ups often judge one just because you're "alternative"  and you get accepted in a very narrow circle of people. If you go out to a pub, guys with a "normal" style does not look at you, just only other alternative peope -> they are not always that many.

Lately, I've started listening a lot too electro/hardstyle and thus, I'd like too have a bit of a cyberpunk/rave-style, look like that certain days.

And then sometimes I want long dreads, clothes in earty colors and be very bohemian. I wish I had a huge pile of money so that I could buy a lot of different clothes and accessories, and then combine what I like from the different styles and make my own style - but I don't. Hah!

Question is; Is this wrong? Am I not being "mysefl" because I change/want to change style. I would/do feel comfortable in all of them. And all of them is a little piece of me. There is a very feminine Rania, one alternative, one Cyber-Rania and one bohemian Rania inside of me. Sounds schizofrenic? A tad..

I do however, think that the border to cross for witch to "enter" schizofrenia is a thin one. I mean, you act very different depening on the fact if you are with your parents, friend, boyfriend, your work. Hide some sides of you and bring other sides out. But you are still you in every situation. So are you schizo then? You tell me.

Sitting here and listening to Infeceted Mushroom, Etnica and Hallucinogen while pondering these deep, weird and "very essential" things haha.

Believe it or not but that's me on every single picture ;)
(the first one is from 2007!)

Liksom nu för tiden ser jag oftast ut något sånt här klädmässigt.
Alltid kjol, leggings.. fast fortf. svart och alternativa inslag men.
Hum.. jadu.

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This is one heck of an awsome style that I've spent the morning reading about. Victorian style, mixed with how they thought thing would look like today, in the future. New technology, mechanics and steam-driven things. Gears etc.. it's a very aestethically appealing style. I need money so that I can order some steampunk-jewelry. These are some that I want soooo baad.

Check this out aswell, a guy turned a laptop into
steampunkstyle. Click here.

It's also a style in music.. or well it's har to play music in a victorian/future style but anywho. There is a very good band named Abney Park that dress in steampunk and call themselves it.

of course it's not only jewlelry, it's an entire style in clothing. It looks really cool but I can not afford to buy those type of clothes and I dunno if I would have the energy to dress like that. It'll have to do with jewelry for me... when I can afford it.

Sort of Atlantis-theme over it. Also one of my favourite movies by Hayao Miazaki, Laputa - Castle in the Sky has a steampunk style to it. His movie Steamboy is also typically steampunk.

Anywho. I just love this style. Looks very good and it's so interesting!

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