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This is one heck of an awsome style that I've spent the morning reading about. Victorian style, mixed with how they thought thing would look like today, in the future. New technology, mechanics and steam-driven things. Gears etc.. it's a very aestethically appealing style. I need money so that I can order some steampunk-jewelry. These are some that I want soooo baad.

Check this out aswell, a guy turned a laptop into
steampunkstyle. Click here.

It's also a style in music.. or well it's har to play music in a victorian/future style but anywho. There is a very good band named Abney Park that dress in steampunk and call themselves it.

of course it's not only jewlelry, it's an entire style in clothing. It looks really cool but I can not afford to buy those type of clothes and I dunno if I would have the energy to dress like that. It'll have to do with jewelry for me... when I can afford it.

Sort of Atlantis-theme over it. Also one of my favourite movies by Hayao Miazaki, Laputa - Castle in the Sky has a steampunk style to it. His movie Steamboy is also typically steampunk.

Anywho. I just love this style. Looks very good and it's so interesting!

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