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My tattoos

I've gotten some questions about my tattos
so I thought I'd show them now :)

Koi-fish [a japanese carp]. My zodiac is pisces and the yin-yan theme
is because I like balance in life and so on.
[I could go deeper into that but.. nah]
It took about 1.5 hours to do, then I couldn't take it any longer, due to the pain.
So it's actually not done yet, haven't had the guts or money to fix it.

Then I have this tatto on my left wrist and it was my first.
Did it when I was 18 years old, three years ago that is.
[brings some memories to life!]
It is my name written in one of the three japanese written languages; katakana.
I shall soon do the other wrist, that one will also consist of three japanese signs.
Balance, like I said! ;D

Well well, now you've seen my tattos ^^

"No copying or using of my pics without my permisson!"


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