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No space - No time

I just had one of those most amazing moments. When I become one with my photography.

There is just.. nothingness. No time and space. No hunger. Just the art becoming alive. I am not a person, my camera is not a camera and there are no settings such as shutterspeed or aparture to adjust. We are one being, a creature. Soaring around the "object" and just.. flowing as art is being born. It's really amazing when it happens. Maybe I sound crazy but I don't care, this is how it is and this is what happens.

(I think there is a word for this sort of state I enter.. but can't find it. Astral Projection is not right, that's too extreme.. but close enough? hm.. )

Afterwards however, I snap out of it. I usually start by checking the time and quite some has passed, and then I often realize that I am hungry. Haha! Takes a lot of energy to create ;)

But I love the feeling so darn much <3
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