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Sigma 24mm f/2.8 + tripod, remote & reflector


I'm not sure anyone has thought of it, but I have a new tag on my pictures these days,RaniaMaria Photography. Maria is my middlename and I think RaniaMaria sounds and flows better than Rania Rönntoft, plus we have the fact that "Ö" is not the best letter outside of sweden/The Scandinavian Countries. Well why should I care about that? Because I will soon launch my own website so that I can start printing business cards and promote myself, and I want a better adress to refer to, than the blog or flickr. is taken, so it'll probably be,unless I take what do you think? It's good if an adress is short, so people remember it, but I dunno what looks and sounds best. I want com or eu since I want to reach ot to more people than just swedes.


I have until tomorrow to decide, my salary will arrive and then I will buy a domain name and such. Exciting~~!!

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