Tools of an Alchemist

Sigma 24mm f/2.8


I was bored. These things are found on my windowsill at home. Love 'em :3


I just wish I could afford lots of nice prop to take more fantasy-inspired pictures. And also in order to look awsome at a masquerade :D hah!

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Sofia #1

Sigma 24mm f/2.8

I photographed my friend Sofia a while back. It was such a nice autumn evening! I have lots of beautiful pictures of her, but I'll start with this one :3

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Fall portrait

Sigma 24mm f/2.8 + reflector
Model: Tindra Svensson

It was a really nice [but windy] autumnday today, and after sitting inside infront of the computer for two days, and Lucas little sister being sick... well we hadn't been out much, so me, Tindra and Lucas mum [he is away working in Norway] went out for a walk and to take some autumn-ish pictures :3

It was soo nice to be outside and I have some nice pictures now, more to come later on!


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I woke on the wrong side of the bed today. Hate it. So I'm not in a good mood right now. But really I'm very happy. Booked a trip yesterday so in October, me and my mum + her housband and my lovely Lucas will go to Rome one week :D It's supposed to be a really beautiful time of the year there at that time. Oooh it shall be so much fun!

Then I'm, like I said, very happy and excited about the job I've been working on for two days. I'm sorry my 365-pics was rather boring [especially the one from yesterday] but it's just pictures I've taken sort of quickly while working - that's just life sometimes!

The sun is shining so after finishing my coffé, and gettin' in a better mood I might go out and bring the camera :)

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Did some shopping...

.. this weekend, tought I'd show you what! :D

A new store called Village had opened in town, and the decorative autumn-leaves to the left was bought there. You also got a bag, their catalogue and big matches :D

The candle-holders/lanters with a very autumn-feeling to them was also bought at Village.
I also bought the small leaf to have my rings in, I have a big leaf for necklaces and bracelets, so a small was nice :D

Bought more yarn so I can finish my scarf I started knitting last winter :)

I got a nice "coat/jacket" from my mum and bought new leggings with a nice color to them :3

A better picture of the "jacket/coat"-thingy. Some picture of me with it on will prob. come later :3
It looks so good and it's so cosy and warm!

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Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 + tripod, remote and reflector

Since my hair is growing long, and together with my new style I've been experimenting with braids - it's so much fun! Want my hair to grow even longer ~~ !

Not the best picture of me, but of the braid haha. May show some more later on :3


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Sigma 24mm f/2.8 + tripod, remote & reflector


I'm not sure anyone has thought of it, but I have a new tag on my pictures these days,RaniaMaria Photography. Maria is my middlename and I think RaniaMaria sounds and flows better than Rania Rönntoft, plus we have the fact that "Ö" is not the best letter outside of sweden/The Scandinavian Countries. Well why should I care about that? Because I will soon launch my own website so that I can start printing business cards and promote myself, and I want a better adress to refer to, than the blog or flickr. is taken, so it'll probably be,unless I take what do you think? It's good if an adress is short, so people remember it, but I dunno what looks and sounds best. I want com or eu since I want to reach ot to more people than just swedes.


I have until tomorrow to decide, my salary will arrive and then I will buy a domain name and such. Exciting~~!!

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Amber Eyes

Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 + tripod, remote and reflector


Today a ring I had ordered arriwed, it is a reindeer :D Love it! The horns get stuck in stuff easily though ^^, I will probably post a better picture later but you can see it on the picture above, situated on my index finger.


I also stole one of my mums sweaters today, and realized I now have a clean, white wall in my room since I re-decorated so I decided to take some new selfportraits. Then I was off for another photoshoot with Sofia and her big belly - it's only a little more than a month left until she's due to give birth!


So now I'm editing pictures like a maniac, although I think I will go to sleep soon cause I'm tired. But more pictures of me and Sofia will arrive within time so stay tuned!


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Birthday Girl

Nikkor 50mm f/1.8

One of my "cousins" [were not genetically related] had her birthday today, she turned into a teenager actually. Time sure flies by... Anywho, I photographed her by the cake before she was about to blow the candles out.


A very spontanious portrait but I really like it :3

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Pluto & Maja Playing

I filmed the kittens a few days ago, when they were playing in the hallway. Enjoy~~
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Love and Affection

Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 + tripod & remote
Models: Me, Pluto och Maja

You've seen pictures of these two quite a lot of times now.

I just love these little fellows. I cuddle with them and play with them all the time, or just carry them around [for as long as they allow me ;D]. This morning, at light 04.30 after Lucas had sat in his car and drove away for a fre days of work in Norway, the bed felt so cold and empty.. So I carried these cuties in and they slept with me for a bit during the morning :3


I had a dream a few nights ago, we were gonna leave one of them with it's new owner and I just cried and cried and cried in the dream and refused to let go of it. That's how it will be for real as well, when we leave them away... I will cry my guts out. Because I love them so much!

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Lovely Silver

These are my favourite jewelry - and I Always wear them. Maybe put on an extra ring or change necklace for special occasions/party's and so on. I only remove during showers and sleep.

Necklace, Carpe Diem from Efva Attling [I love her jewelry and the thought behind them!] and I've added a pendand made of silver with a amber-stone in it. Can't remember where I got it but amber is such a beautiful stone and it has nice attributes [if you believe that stuff ;)]


The thin rings to the left are spinning rings, the big one you've seen before since it's new, posted a pic before and I looove it. So much that I don't feel like tellin' you where I got it ;) The next one I got as a christmas gift a few years ago from my cousins, so dunno where that's from. The one to the right, with the leaves [which I also looove] is from Pilgrim and a christmas gift from last year :3

[you prob recently saw this pic cause I really liked it and it also got to be in my 365-project for pic of the day from when I shot this]


I don't have the energy to write where I got all my jewelry hah, but yeah, I have four in each ear. One of them is an expander. I want more - haha!

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Over the hills and far away

Sigma 24mm f/2.8 + tripod and remote

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Autumn Harvest

Sigma 24mm f/2.8

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Spoil yourself!

That's what I did yesterday evening - and it was just lovely! I had olivoil in my hair - it should be in for about 1 hour, and the hair shall be wrapped in a towel. Use schampoo directly in the hair after that, don't wet it. Might need to use schampoo two times, to get rid of all the oil. No conditioner shall be used afterwards.

I ate tasty and healty snacks [grapes, carrot and rice bisquits], sat comfortably in bed and read the latest issue of Elle and then I had a long, hot and wonderful bath-time with divine scents and cosy candles :3 Damn I felt good afterwards!





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More Selfies


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Countryside Girl

Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 + tripod and remote


I felt it was time for a new selfportrait. I'm not fully content, it could've gone better and the result been more to what I had in mind - but then I'm very self-critical. I do like this picture alot :)


When I shot this series [yes, more pictures will come], I got a shock from the electrical fence, burned myself on nettles, got like a thousand mosquito-bites and managed to break the screen-protection on my camera and I packed my stuff together, and brought it up again cause I though I would hav e no more sunlight but then it showed up again - so this resulted in some runnin' back and forth. But it was worth it :3

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Cuteness stored in a basket

Nikkor 50mm f/1.8

They've found a favourite place to play and sleep in - a small basket. I mean, can you be any cuter?! Iiihhhkk~! I like this picture, even though I've could have had a higher aperture to get a bigger DOF, but one has to be quick if you want to get good pictures of these little fellows :3

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Collecting Sunbeams & Dust

Sigma 24mm f/2.8

Since I was sick, I was just lying in bed, reading and such. Very beautiful with dust in the sunlight, and I faught to capture it on picture heh. Went okay and not the most interesting of surroundings but hey, what to do?

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In the countryside

Sigma 24mm f/2.8

It's so beautiful out here on the countryside, where my bf lives. I'm a towngirl and like to live central, being close to everythings. But we all know I do love nature too, and I become so serene when I'm out here. Love to go for walks and just enjoy myself and to do nothing in particular - it's wonderful!


Tried a new technique when it comes to editing, mixed with some I've done before. Kinda like it men I've not yet found the right way to use it, with my pictures and so on. But practice makes perfect ;)

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Lace up Girl

Sigma 24mm f/2.8
Model & Styling; Emmie Roos

After seeing an episode of ANTM, where they played with creating patterns with shadows I've been wanting to try it out too - and today it happened, with my lovely friend Emmie! It was a bit harder then I thought and I've learned some stuff for next time [for there will be a next time!] but in the end I am content with the results - and it's not often we see black & white pictures from me :3

Thanks Emmie, you are so photogenic and we have so much fun <3



You should've seen us today, all the equipment was ready in my hallway and Emmie was styled and ready to go. But it was cloudy so as soon as the sun came out, we dropped everything on our hands and ran out, but the sun was fast to dissapear several times.. Finually it stayed long enough for us to take the pictures in this series [yes there will be more ;)]
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What color doesn't matter...?

Not often I have a hard time deciding whether a picture looks best in color or in bw - gaaah!
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A Piece of Me


This is what I looked like today after a few cups of coffé and a shower and stuff, just before I went of for a job-interview - thumbs crossed! It felt very good :D

Got an appointment at a hairdresser tomorrow, shall I just trim the peaks or do something else? Prob. not since I'm saving length but..
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