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Dear Friend

Sigma 24mm f/2.8

Today I went into town to grab a coffé with my dear friend Hanna, while my bf was way fishing with his dad. It was just as pleasant as always. We've known eachother for a long time now and that's great, we sat at the cofféshop for quite some time and never stopped talking - but about what did we talk? I have no idea haha, but when you've known someone for that long, those things just flow and work out themselves. It's also not awkward if it gets silent for a while ^^,


Hanna had "my braid" today [in my swedish blog, I have a video showing how I do it] which was fun - and she looked really good in it! :D Two persons complimented on the braid when we were in a store, and could not believe she'd done it herself - I felt very proud haha.


It was a nice friday! :D

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