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I think, ponder, brood, fantasize and dream alot - especially during the evenings/nights and if I am alone or bored. Sometimes I really can't let a thought go unless I get to speak my mind about it, or express myself/the thought in a creative [preferrably through photography, but I also draw or write] way.


Tonight and today, my mind's really been soaring somewhere else. I've been thinking alot about my bf, and how I miss him. It gets harder and harder everytime he leaves to work in Norway. I miss him alot and long for him to come home, only to know that he'll only stay a few days, then leave again... Makes everything so much harder. Have 2 more days to make time fly until he comes home, dunno what I'll do. Need to make the time move faster - miss him alot!



I love you and I can't exist [or sleep] without you, you're my everything<3

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