I recently finished reading this book, finually I've read something by Haruki Murakami - and for that I am happy! This particular book contains several short novels, some ordinary stories taken from Murakami's own life and about friends around him


He writes exceptionally well, all stories have some deeper, implied meaning and you have to read between the lines to get them. Some I did not understand at all, but most of them gave me something to think about. Some are a bit more strange than others but they are all very good and well written. I really love the way he writes, although I can't really describe it.



Now I am reading another book by Mr. Murakami, and everyone says it's really good and a friend said I should read it two years ago so it's about time I do it! It's called Kafka on the Shore and I'll write about it later!

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Sixth book in a vampire-series me and my mum are reading. They are very teenagy but they're nice. They all have a simple language, are not to long and you finish them quickly but this one was extreme and more of a filler for the next book.. I don't know, they are not too god in either writing or story and definitely not "classy" in the way with how vampires look or how they are/live etc. Yet I got hooked and must continue to read and find out what happens haha.

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"Love is as strong as death, as hard as hell"


"On a burn ward, a man lies between living and dying, so disfigured that no one from his past life would even recognize him. His only comfort comes from imagining various inventive ways to end his misery. Then a woman named Marianne Engel walks into his hospital room, a wild-haired, schizophrenic sculptress on the lam from the psych ward upstairs, who insists that she knows him – that she has known him, in fact, for seven hundred years. She remembers vividly when they met, in another hospital ward at a convent in medieval Germany, when she was a nun and he was a wounded mercenary left to die. If he has forgotten this, he is not to worry: she will prove it to him.

And so Marianne Engel begins to tell him their story, carving away his disbelief and slowly drawing him into the orbit and power of a word he'd never uttered: love."

That is what's written at the back of the book and thus what made me buy it [well first of all it was the way the book looks hehe]. It was a bit slow in the beginning and I wondered if it was going to get any good.


So basically it's about this former pornstar who get such severely burned that you cannot recognise him, and how a woman enters his life and says that they know each other, that they did it more than 700 years ago. It's no fantasy book, it takes place in modern life and the modern world and it's rather everyday-ish. This man is the main character and it's about his life, his thoughts about the world, people around him, feelings etc. He is very clever and it's interesting to follow what he thinks and how he arguments about things. Many of her stories about their past has a hidden meaning/ moral lesson to them which are interesting to follow. So anywho, you follow him and his life, her telling more stories and how things turn out when they get to know each other more and so on.


A very good, interesting and somewhat twisted book. Made me think alot. Read it!

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