About Me

I am a 20 year old girl from Sweden that is very stubborn - comes from my mum and the fact that I am born in the north, were we are stubborn as hell hah! I'm always in a good mood, I do not let defeat pull me down and I act like all is well around people. On the inside on the other hand, a lot goes on. I am a real ponderer and most of my brooding takes place during night, I'm a nightbird for sure. Carpe Noctem.

I'm also one hell of a bookworm - love to read, buy and own books. They're beautiful. Think I'm a bit of a coffé addict too.. It just tastes so good :3 Red wine and/or beer is also very nice. I love to sit down and just grab a bear, or make food together with friends, eat, have some wine and a good time. I l o v e cats and want one of my own one day, my mum is super-allergic T_T

During my spare time I read lots of books, listen to music [my last.fm] and hang with my friends and my bf. I'm also a big nerd [and proud of it!] so there's a lot of tv-gaming going on, I have four consoles. Or on my PSP. I also play WoW a lot.

As you've probably understood since this is a photoblog, I am a creative person [pisces duuh]. My camera is always with me and I photograph a lot, and when not, I think about photography. I see the world around me like through a lens. I photograph everything inbetween nature and animals to stillife and portaits. All genres and styles appeal to me right now, I want to try it all and I love it! I am like an empty cup that wants to taste everything and will never be full.

Occasionally [it's very rare] I draw a little. But all my energy is focused on photography.

I can really become one with my photography and forget about time and space, hunger and human needs. And that my friends - is the most amazing feeling ever!

I live in the southern parts of Sweden, but was orignally born way up north. I'm glad I live here now, I would never have met all amazing people, discovered styles, music or maybe even photography. And I would not have done and seen the things I have if I would have lived way up in that little shitty place hah. But the nature there sure is amazing! Sweden is in a lot of ways rather boring though, I want to travel a lot and see the world, different cultures and hear different languages.

I also collect Gloomy Bears -Designed by Mori Chack (森チャッ).

these are just a few, I own ten at the moment

And now some unessential [like the above has been essential?] info about me:

  • I have 10 piercings and 2 tattoos
  • Has phonefright
  • Bites my nails
  • Use smileys on msn waay too much
  • I really really love food and eat like a man
  • I always shower for at least an hour

Ah well, there you have some more or less nedless information about me haha. You can easily navigate my blog using the categories below my header and I link to my flickr and such in the menue.

I hope you'll like my blog, what I write and what I do. And if you read all this - kudos to you!
"No copying or using of my pics without my permisson!"

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