Paul de Luna [what a name?!]

He had some nice and inspirational pictures on his webpage. And what a life he seems to have lived?!

"Growing up in the surf of Southern California, Paul graduated with an arts degree in English/Creative Writing from college in San Diego and immediately set off to travel the world in search of stories. However, he unexpectedly found himself in the fashion industry and utilized modeling to travel the world for the next decade. During this adventurous time he realized his method of storytelling was through images as well as words, and proceeded to teach himself the art of photography. In 2006 he moved to New York to pursue photography full-time.

Apart from photography, Paul is a published poet, writer, journalist, a budding director, polyglot, and avid surfer. Both his fashion and documentary work regularly appear in prestigious publications worldwide."

Copyright © Paul de Luna
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Make your pictures look old

Photographer Zhang Jingna wrote in her blog and tiped off this online-app to give your pictures an old/vintage look :3

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David Bellemere

A friend of mine just sent me a link to Fine Magazine and an article about the photographer David Bellemere... and I'm just stuck. Damn is he good or what?! I don't mind fine art but I often feel that a lot of photographers balance on the brink of pornographic. But this is no dirty old fellow. He has so much emotion behind his pictures! Also, look at the colors and light - amazing! He has also been shooting at some amazing settings.

"David is a regular contributor to Italian Marie Claire, French Playboy, Flaunt or S Magazine" they write, and that says alot about how talented he is. He does not only shoot fine art, but most of his work is in that genre. But oh it's so beautiful and sensual! More of his pictures can be found on this site [were I found the pictures below].

© David Bellemere

© David Bellemere

© David Bellemere

© David Bellemere

© David Bellemere

© David Bellemere

I just love to discover new amazing photographers, se their styles and feel the inspiration flow! So when I discover someone as great as David Bellemere I immediately share it cause I want more people to discover and appreciate his work and also maybe get inspired as well.

It actually says a lot about one self as a photographer, what kind of other photographers, work and styles you like. It was actually one of the questions at the interview I attended a while back; what role-models in photography that I have and if I read a lot about photography and keep myself up to date.
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Oh my, I totually forgot to mention a photographer earlier. And this one I've been following for a really long time, and he's absolutely one of my top favourites. He's so damn good and has inspired me alot. He takes stunning pictures and both composition and light in them are always wonderful, what I like most about his pictures is the colours! They are so strong and.. I can't explain it. I've always followed him on Bilddagboken and it was not until today that I though "damn he must have a homepage" and of course he had!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to thee, the amazing Leonard Gren.

Photos by Leo Gren

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Anywho, while drinking coffé [with a little bit of kahlua in it <3] I've been looking at some photographers and their portfolios. And I thought I'd share some of them with you.

I first read their names in a blog-post by Angelina Belle Bergenwall [a really good photographer!] and decided to check them out myself. And these are the ones I found that I really liked;

Lara Jade was the first one I liked. Her homepage is nice but took some time to navigate/had to much effects but then I found her flickr.

Photo by Lara Jade

Zena Holloway was the next one to catch my eye. My god what amazing underwater pictures! So magical!  I do wonder if she does all the editing herself too, cause that is also amazing. Check out her homepage here.


Photo by Zena Holloway

Andreas Öhlund, a Swedish guy was next to be someone I like. I don't overall like his entire portfolio like I do with the other two, but he has some really nice shots. I also recognized some of his pictures, think I saw them in a magazine at a hairsalon, so that was fun. His homepage.


Photo by Andreas Öhlund

Well, always fun to find new photographers and inspiration. Hope you'll find some thanks to this post! Have any personal favourite photographer you'd like to tip me about? Go ahead! It would be very appreciated :)

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I read in a blog about a free program that you can download. It turns your photos into polaroid-looking. It's really neat. You can easily get it here so try it out!

Here are 3 pics I made - just to try it out:

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