Mineral Makeup

I've been using mineral makeup for quite some time now. First from i.d bare minerals after my mum came home with some of it one day.

Then I one one of these starter kits from e.l.f minerals in a contest a girl had in her blog :D

What I won contained this [I chose the "warm" tone];

  • Mineral Foundation (3.4grams)
  • Mineral Concealer (3.4grams)
  • Mineral Blush (3.4grams)
  • Total Face Brush
  • Bronzing/Blush Brush
  • Canvas Case

This is what I use right now and I thought I'd write a little about it :)

sigma 24mm f/2.8 + piece of glass, white paper and reflector screen

1. e.l.f Mineral Concealer that I use a max coverage concealer brush from i.d to applicate with. I was very sceptical about a concealer being in mineralform, I did not think it would have very good coverage. But I was wrong! It does not cover in the same "thick" way like a normal, creamy concealer does. But it covers and makes blushes less visible, but you still feel fresh. The usual, thick and creamy ones I've always thought that you can feel that you're wearing. I love this!

2. i.d bare minerals original foundation, medium tan. Yeah, right now I'm using a foundation i.d, cause my from e.l.f started to come to an end and also it was to bright now during the summer when I've gotten tanned, I also bought this at Sephora in France cause it's a lot cheaper there than in Sweden. It's good a smart container, but e.l.f is not worse and also cheaper so I'll go back to that again :) I use number 5, a brush from isadora to applicate this, although mum has one from i.d so I'll prob. steal that one later, heh ;)

3. e.l.f mineral blush which I applicate with proffesional bronzing brush from e.l.f. For starters, I l.o.v.e the brush! It's a bit skewed and wonderful to use. The blush itself is also amaxing, it can't get to much or look unnatural. It's very soft and gentle, and blush really is the right word for it, rather than rouge. Really creates a natural and fresch blush on your cheeks :3



4. i.d mineral veil, something else I also love! It's really like a veil to applicate above the entire face/makeup once you're done, to give a nice shine and touch. It's very bright so I also use more of it on the cheekbones to highlight them, and dark cirkles under the eyes etc. I actually use the professional total face brush from e.l.f to applicate this with, since it's very large and soft and comfortable to use, and also since I have the other brush from isadora for my foundation instead.



So, what do I think about this and mineral makeup in general? I absolutely love to use mineral makeup! It's easy to work with/use, you can't feel that you're wearing it  - you feel fresh and nartural and it looks that way too, unlike with think, creamy foundations and such. This is also better for your skin, giving it the ability to "breathe" more freely. A lot of these also have sun protection in them, which is really good.

About e.l.f VS i.d, I think both are pretty equal, but i.d is more expensive, at least in Sweden, and I've heard that e.l.f is a lot cheaper [I don't know for a fact since I won mine] and has a fast dilivery time when oredered from their homepage. I've also heard good stuff about their other products, like eyeshadows and such. So I'll definitely continue usuinge.l.f minerals!

If you haven't tried mineral makeup yet, you just have to. It's going to revolutionize your view of makeup and create wonders for your skin! Hope this entry was useful to someone out there :)

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With the start of me using mineral makeup, I also got more serious and expensive makeup-brushes. I have a rather small makeup-bag and the hair on the brushes sometimes get stuck in the zipper which ruins them.

So I've been searching for a special case for only brushes for quite a while, one similar to what real makeup-artists use. My good friend Hanna found one on a swedish site and it was rather cheap so I ordered one a while back! It's awsome but I just haven't showed it yet O:

Besides the fact that it protects my brushes, it's nice to have small pens, my tweezer and stuff like that cause they tend to get in the bottom of the makeup-bag and one has to dig for 'em.


It also gets very small when you fold it together :D

"No copying or using of my pics without my permisson!"

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