Lovely Silver

These are my favourite jewelry - and I Always wear them. Maybe put on an extra ring or change necklace for special occasions/party's and so on. I only remove during showers and sleep.

Necklace, Carpe Diem from Efva Attling [I love her jewelry and the thought behind them!] and I've added a pendand made of silver with a amber-stone in it. Can't remember where I got it but amber is such a beautiful stone and it has nice attributes [if you believe that stuff ;)]


The thin rings to the left are spinning rings, the big one you've seen before since it's new, posted a pic before and I looove it. So much that I don't feel like tellin' you where I got it ;) The next one I got as a christmas gift a few years ago from my cousins, so dunno where that's from. The one to the right, with the leaves [which I also looove] is from Pilgrim and a christmas gift from last year :3

[you prob recently saw this pic cause I really liked it and it also got to be in my 365-project for pic of the day from when I shot this]


I don't have the energy to write where I got all my jewelry hah, but yeah, I have four in each ear. One of them is an expander. I want more - haha!

"No copying or using of my pics without my permisson!"

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