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Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 + tripod and remote


I wanted to get out in the nature and take earthy pictures... I love the forest, nature, freedom, to imagine, daydream, drift away, live, read.. enjoy life.

I wish we took more care of our dear nature though, it's the only thing we'll leave behind for our successors. Things will break and memories will fade...




Did not turn out the way I planned though, I'm tired of selfportraits. There's to much work with my fully manual lens, to get focus and depth of the picture right, and if I move just a little it all turns bad. My 50mm refuses to focus/focus right and the remote is not working properly, the signal between it and the camera is vague - even though I recently changed the battery of the remote..


I want full control of the situation, have a model and see her and the surroundings and light as I photograph. Move her, move around, change. I need to photograph other, need to start dare asking if I can photograph them and so forth. Dare to try my ideas. Sick of selfportraits, of seing myself, of it not turning out good and the way I wanted to.


"No copying or using of my pics without my permisson!"


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